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We are THE global community of Existing and Aspiring Fractional C-suite consultants.


Why Join us?

FRACTIONALCxx strives to be THE global community for Fractional C-Suite consultants.

What are Fractional C-Suite consultants you ask? 

Fractional executives OR C-Suite Consultants are professionals who have decided to offer their advice and skills to organizations on a for-hire basis. These executives have typically served a number of years in a business environment in roles such as chairman, owner, CxO, SVP, VP or director. Their skills may be focused in one discipline or could be more broad based, depending on the role(s) they have served.

Fractional executives may offer their services as an independent consultant or through a company that offers these types of services. They may also be known as Interim Executive, Contract Executive, Part-time Executive, Temporary Executive, Fractional Business Executive, On-Demand Executive or Executive-as-a-Service.

Fractional executives are not consultants in the classical sense. While they bring the same or greater know-how and experience, they also take an active leadership role in the company that hires them. They implement, execute, and lead as it is customary for their permanent hire counterpart.

Why join us you ask?

Our CEO, Peter Teunissen (https://www.linkedin.com/in/peterteunissen/), has worked as a "fractional" CFO for years and understands the challenges consultants face on a daily basis. We are lone wolves dealing with challenges most of our immediate collegues and network have limited experience in. He therefore wanted to create a platform to connect consultant where they can network and lean on eachother to solve the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Our platform provides hyper connected access to your peers through chat channels, forums and regular topic-oriented discussions using Zoom. 

The best of all, we are available on your MOBILE DEVICE

In addition to providing access to a global & regional peer network we provide consultants with acces to:

  • Consulting Topics, Articals & knowledge libraries to use in your day to day consulting efforts.
  • Bi-weekly zoom hosted meetings that provide an open platform to ask questions as well as a guided discussion surrounding current events or challenges we face daily.
  • Legal Document templates to establish a stronger relationship between your client and your consulting arrangements
  • Branded & non-branded marketing material to grow your personal consulting brand
  • Personalized coaching & group accountability programs
  • A variety of courses oriented to help you grow your consulting business.

Our membership Demographic

Our group consists of the following disciplines:

CEvO - Executive strategy and Evolution
CFO - Financial
COO - Operations
CTO - Technical and Technology
CAO - Administrative (Government & Municipal)
CIO - Digital transformation
CHRO - Human Resources
CSO - Health and Safety
CRO - Risk Management
CDO - Business Development
CMO - Marketing and communication
CPO - Performance or Strategic Business

And more as we continue to grow...

Once you sign up

Once yo've signed up, we will welcome you and reach out to you through the chat function. We urge you to:

1) Check out our welcome article outlining how to get the most out of the platform, easiest found under "discovery" section

2) Join one of our introduction calls.

3) Join our weekly Peer call  where we provide an open platform for discussion, asking questions and even highlight your skillsets

4) Post your questions on the Forum and reach out to your peers directly as you see fit.

5) Peter, our CEO, will personally be in touch with you once you sign up to get acquainted, get an understanding of your background and provide some insight on the platform.

6) Dont hesitate to invite your collegues as well if you think they can benefit from the group using this link https://fractionalcxx-com.mn.co/share/bR-RYGoIm4CC2o3w?utm_source=manual

Get in Touch!

Want to find out more before signing up? Why not get in touch with me directly.

I strive to provide the most value possible to Consultants like yourself and welcome an opportunity to connect with you in person. Please EMAIL ME directly to setup a time to connect.


Peter Teunissen, CPA (ca)
Founder of community.Fractionalcxx.com
CEO of Leverage Consulting Group (www.leverage.works)
- Re-defining management consulting -

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